It's not the size of the dog but the size of his heart!


About Us

The Chihuahua Club of North Texas, was established in December, 2010, under the pemise to uphold the American Kennel Club “Breed Standard” by breeding only to purebred chihuahuas, to promote comradery through activities and mentoring, to represent and promote the club pubically by displaying sportsmanlike conduct at events and provide public education to foster responsible dog ownership.


Our Mission

Our mission, promote the sport and interests of purebred Chihuahua fanciers through educational programs aimed at improving the health and quality of life for the Chihuahua, as well as mentoring newcomers, in our community, to increase awareness and facilitate participation in the dog fancy.

Who We Are

We are an active group of AKC Judges, breeders and owner-handlers that participate in AKC sanctioned dog show events in and around the country.  We come together collectively out of love for the breed. Our goal, striving to better the breed, one step at a time, through health testing, education and responsible breeding.

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